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CVS Caremark Reviews

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  • CVS Caremark Medical Equipment Prescription Refill DEMANDS

    I am a retired Letter Carrier. I carried mail for 28 years in Southwest Florida. My National Association of Letter Carriers, Health Benefit Plan mandates the use of CVS Caremark pharmacy. I am currently in the Denver area where there is the one and only CVS Caremark CarePlus pharmacy in all of Colorado. They have provided exemplary service for all my many medications. They however do not carry 'Medical Equipment', which the disposable needles necessary for my Diabetes management comes under. Medicare covers their portion, but CVS, every three months when I submit a refill request,... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    oobriano's Picture   oobriano    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rejected request for local prescription fill

    My wife's doctor left practice after wife got a 90 day prescription through mail order. When my wife called to get a refill they stated that she had to have a primary care doctor to get refills. Set appointment which was 30 days away because that was the closest time to get and my wife had 26 pills left. We requested a 30 day from the clinic to get her through till doctor could send to mail order. CVS/Caremark rejected at local pharmacy (NO CVS IN MY AREA). I requested an Urgent approval for a one time fill but ACCOUNT MANAGER DENIED THE REQUEST. The company would have a person... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Don't care about their clients!!!!

    My wife is on a maintenance med. The doctor that she went to at a clinic left the practice right after my wife got her required 90 prescription. When my wife had a month left she called to get a refill and the clinic said she needed a new primary care doctor. Set appt (28 days) and she ran out of meds which have withdrawal problems. We requested a 1 month supply through CVS to get her through since new doctor would have to submit and the it is 2 to 3 weeks to get meds through CVS mail order. CVS rejected the request and basically said you have to use the mail order and you have to go... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    jasondb74's Picture   jasondb74    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prescription Refill is a nightmare

    Been trying to get a prescription filled for over a month. Every time I call to see why it is put on hold I get a different rep with a different reason. Had me calling my dr office to redo prescriptions to have them all in and all for nothing. They need to train their people to where they actually know what they are talking about to save everyone a lot of headache. I will never use the mail order service again, what a joke. More...
    osby2717's Picture   osby2717    1 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Excellent Service

    I make weekly visits to CVS at Store # 4817. I am constantly greeted by Matthew ready to help, happy to see me using coupons, and am always greeted with a smile and how are you today mam. I have NEVER been in CVS where he was not happy. He deals with issues the same way. This is why I shop at CVS....EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Matthew needs to be reward for his excellent customer service! More...
    Cvsreviews's Picture   Cvsreviews    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refused to pay for my refill with no warning

    I have been on the same blood pressure medication for years. My doctor has me on this medication for a reason. Because it works best for me and the others do not. All of a sudden Caremark has decided this is not the best medication for me because there is no generic and they refused to pay for my refill. First.. YOU ARE NOT MY DOCTOR. Second.. If you have decided you don't want to cover this medication anymore the proper way to handle this is to let me know IN ADVANCE so I can visit my doctor and find a different solution. Instead you just deny and say too bad for you. I'm left... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Mellina50's Picture   Mellina50    0 Comments   Comments
  • not accepting my insurance anymore

    My client has had her prescriptions filled by CVS for 2 years now with the insurance she currently has, which is United Healthcare dual complete plan. Now, CVS pharmacy will not fill her prescriptions, saying they no longer take her insurance, She is almost out of a medicine she uses and now on top of trying to get that medicine she is now having to find another pharmacy. The lady who she dealt with was so rude and uncaring, telling her she needs to go to Walgreens now. I think you need to no the problems your company causes people when without warning that the insurance people have is no... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    swtdebbie's Picture   swtdebbie    0 Comments   Comments
  • WRONG Dr on rx

    After a thoroughly frustrating phone conversation with “Rico”on (12/28/14 @8:50A.M), I tried to explain that CVS/caremark had placed the WRONG doctor on one of my prescriptions. Rico tried to tell me the previous company had it wrong. This was in fact WRONG!! I TOOK A SCREEN SHOT OF THE PREVIOUS COMPANIES RX BOTTLE AND SENT IT (with copies of scripts). They need to listen to us!!!! We are not retarded! We might be old, we may have problems, cameras and paper trails are our friends! This is critical, I want the correct physician of record in case there are any problems in the... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    RForrest's Picture   RForrest    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cvs 4935 Arlington Ave indpls IN #3297

    I have been going to this CVS for quite some time. 3 months ago I had a script filled. Wai time 3 HOURS !! They said the pharmacists have other duties that are more important. I was scratching my head. The visit in November was 3 hr wait. I left. This month I went in to have my pain meds filled. I asked what was the wait time. They said it depends on the script. They looked at my script and told me for that script it would be 2 hour wait. They told me that it was a 30 day script which I told her it was a 28 day script. They said 2 hour wait ! This is not.l acceptable to me !! I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Tiggerpets's Picture   Tiggerpets    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark RX Mail Service- BAD SERVICE

    I am currently on DAY 8 without medication (montelukast,for asthma and allergies) and I submitted my RX renewal 19 days ago. Every time I called the service line, I was told my RX would ship- the first time, they were getting it to me in 4 days. the next call, (because I never rec'd my automated call it was shipping) there was no record of an order, and the rep called my dr and put them directly to the pharmacy line to set up the renewal. My DR called me back and said they told her they were shipping it overnight, with no charge to me. 2 days, no RX , (Nov 15th, 2014).I called again... More...
    weezer22's Picture   weezer22    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark Horrible Service

    I have been trying to get my medications for a month. After I received a letter 2 weeks after I first placed my order, I was told there was a high deductible and a computer placed a call to my cell phone, that I never received. After a very heated discussion with someone at CVS, they assured me my order was being placed that day. 2 more weeks and ANOTHER letter saying there was a problem because there was a high deductible. Again I was told that a computer called my phone, and this was never done. I was assured my order would be shipped overnight and I would have it in 2 days. That... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    plssax's Picture   plssax    2 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Pharmacy store 10055 employee being treated unfairly

    My name is Mickael Johnson and i currently work at the CVS Pharmacy on Richmond Rd. and i want to file a complaint on my store manager. I have been working at CVS for a year now and I come in on time i'm never late and I always come in when my store manager needs me which by the way her name is Tammie Echos sorry i failed to say that before I started .But let me just say i feel really disrespected and I feel like she doesn't like me at all when I first started here I was very pleased with my hours and how everything was going, but for the past couple months she has been only been... More...
  • Horrible Service

    My company switched from ExpressScripts to CVS Caremark this year - HUGE MISTAKE! I now pay twice as much and get worse service. I have been waiting 40 days for an autofill prescription. Since it didn't arrive on time I had to go into a local CVS. They charged me more for a 30 day supply than I paid for a 90 day supply! To add insult, staff at CVS Pharmacy is rude and inefficient. Praying my company changes back to ExpressScripts next year! More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    anetski57's Picture   anetski57    2 Comments   Comments
  • Bad service

    CVS Caremark mail order pharmacy is not a pharmacy you want to use if you value your life and want to keep your sanity! I have dealt with them for several years and the service keeps getting worse on a daily bases. A few years ago my doctor changed one of my prescriptions and CVS specialty called me to renew the old prescription and I told them I didn%u2019t need it and why. Five minutes later, they called the person listed as power of attorney and told them I had refused to refill a prescription and wanted their permission to refill it. The nerve of these folks but there is a lot more!... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    jkarch's Picture   jkarch    0 Comments   Comments
  • Missing a& Incorrect Information

    I have had a problem every time I have tried to use your card. The phone service wont' put me through to a person. Your website won't let me see details about birthdates & address info on file which the Pharmacist states is incorrect and won't fill a perscription Their website is absolutely worthless. There is no way to correct my personal information whether by phone or on the website which won't even acknowledge that you cant access that info. I can't even get my employer to update and I'm paying for a service that in reality doesn't exist. What... More...
    TraneEngineer's Picture   TraneEngineer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Denial of medication which has been approved in previous years.

    CVS Caremark has over the past several years required Prior Authorization for my medication Provigil. I have no problem with this. There has been a pattern with this there request. They deny it, then I appeal it, and at the end of the appeal period they state that I meet the criteria. By their own admission they stated their approval. Nothing had changed from the beginning of the denial to their approval. However this year they decided to deny even after two appeals. They also stated this was my final appeal. Nothing in my policy states I have only two appeals. They stated I needed a... More...
    miffy2wake's Picture   miffy2wake    3 Comments   Comments
  • CVS has screwed me repeatedly I'm looking to Sue them

    I'm looking for an attorney to sue cvs pharmacy. They have repeatedly screwed up my presciptions. I've had it. Tonight was last straw. Earlier today dropped off my ADHD medication. On May 23 my psychiatrist changed my Adderal prescription to taking 2 a day instead of one. I was told by my dr and CVS to take 2 a day out of bottle i still had when they ran out and could fill them today because I got a new prescription with dosage change May 23rd. Well out of my meds dropped script off earler today. Tonight we go to pick it up and they say they won't fill it. I've had other... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    lillypupp's Picture   lillypupp    8 Comments   Comments
  • Infertility Medication Fail

    Frustrated beyond belief! Caremark won't let me use another pharmacy to get my fertility medicine. The other pharmacy quickly provided me with a price list of the medications I may need. Caremark refuses to give a price for one medication. They can submit a claim and get back to me in 48 hours with an estimated price. Caremark has been a complete headache as far as ease of obtaining the medication I need and with costumer service regarding information about my coverage. More...
    krawson's Picture   krawson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mail order sends canceled Meds

    I canceled a medication I had been using on 6/28/2013. It is now 1/29/2014 and regardless of how many calls I have made telling them I no longer need the medication, regardless of the fact that I went online and removed the medication from my list of current meds and moved it to DELETED meds, they continue to send it . And charge me a co-pay. And our government, for a medication I NO longer need, want or use! They always offer to reimburse me for the co-pay, but are they reimbursing Medicare? This is why Medicare is in trouble. Company is more concerned with profit than with patient needs... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Claudiapatx's Picture   Claudiapatx    1 Comments   Comments
  • CVS are liars

    First CVS Caremark took my dying wife off her pain medication after years without warning even though all of her Doctors told CVS Caremark it was the only drug to work on her. So I wont let her die in Pain, I will pay the thousands the drug cost. The CVS the drug store says they cant get the drug because corporate limits the supply. I call corporate and they say the drug stores can order it? Somebody is lying and in any event I wind up having to travel further every month to a little independent where they are not limited in supply! They first swindle my wife off the drug because they... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • CVSCaremarrk with holding Pain Medication for no reason.

    For the last 4 years I have been using CVS for my Pharmacy and Caremark for insurance. I take ADD medication and due to a very bad car accident I have to take pain medication. Recently I herniated my L5 and have degenerative disks per MRI 2 weeks ago. Before this happened I had been voluntarily tapering myself off medication as I don't like being dependent on it nor enjoy its effects. My Dr. Had prescribed me 90 10mg ocycontin before.Xmas and the disk slip. Last week I met with a surgeon and with my dr. Decided it best I see a pain management clinic for shots and... More...
  • Customer Service, "Prior-Authorization Department" is evil, and website crashes

    As of Jan 2013 my employer switched from Blue Cross Blue Shield prescription coverage to CVS Caremark prescription coverage. From day one, Caremark was the worst, ever. I had to contact the customer service department, who reads from a script, sound like they have a 3rd grade education, and are unfamiliar with any medications. I sat on the phone with customer service for four hours before I could fill a single prescription filled. I also had to spent an hour on the phone with tech support so I could log on to the website. Customer service told me that there was not any literature on how... More...
    wanoktok's Picture   wanoktok    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS outrageous prescription prices

    Called the new CVS in our town to check the price of a prescription drug. Was told the price would be 308.99 for a 90 day generic. This was strange since I am currently paying 35.61 for the same 90 generic drug at Sams Club. When I ask about the price, I was told that "We don't set the price, the drug suppliers do" This is outrageous pricing. I guess they need it though to be able to increase their CEO's salary 44%. See article here More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • CVS Caremark Stonewalling, won't fill prescrition

    CVS Caremark has instituted a new administrative procedure and won't deliver my medication unless there is 'prior authorization." I have been taking this medication (Crestor) for several years, and prior to that Lipitor, and prior to that Mevacor. The newer medication gives better results for me. In identical letters dated November 5 and November 12, 2013 CVS Caremark states the 'prior authorization" is needed to "help us determine if this medicine is covered for the full quantity that was prescribed". Is quantity the issue? In a different letter that is... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    jackgravance's Picture   jackgravance    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark denies payment on med they had already approved for one year!

    I've been taking Provigil for about 3 years for night shift sleep disorder. Every year I have to get approval. I got this approval back in May 2013; yet all of a sudden when I go to refill it (Oct 2013), the pharmacy tells me insurance won't cover it--and it's only been 5 months since I got their so-called "approval" for 1 year. So I got on the phone to Caremark, was given the run-around---(at one point, the woman on the phone said I needed to talk to another department, and gave me the phone number. After I hung up & got ready to dial the number she had given... More...
    postum's Picture   postum    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wont even follow their own written polict

    I'm writing today for my wife. She is 55, and her endocrinologist has prescribed her hormone replacement therapy. The medication is not available in a commercial form (it's a small percentage of the lowest available commercial form), so it has to be made by a compounding pharmacy. Which is specifically covered in my insurance coverage. We have submitted it, meeting Caremark's own exact criteria (I have their own internal instructions on how to process compound medications. Which explicitly directs the Caremark employee: "Change the compound indicator to indicate... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    JKWill's Picture   JKWill    1 Comments   Comments
  • Overcharged without disclosure

    I ordered the identical medicine using the same doctor’s prescription, same insurance, and same insurance plan year on 5/13/2012 and 7/24/2013 using IVR/mail order. Price was not disclosed during my order on 7/24/2013. However, the price has increase from $20.62 to $62.52 in two months. I called CVS Caremark and they claimed that we hit a brand name only option on 7/24/2013. Should CVS disclose pricing info and inform customers the price will increase 300% for that option due to the most recent changes of its system? I never expected the same medicine cost 300% more within 2... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Horrible service with Cvs specialty pharmacy

    The specialty pharmacy is by far the worst buisness I have ever worked with. After giving 4 weeks of notice they were still "processing" my claim and prescription. Even with a planned ivf cycle they were unable to give me an update. This caused us to cancel an entire month of appointments and claims. All because someone at this organization didn't feel like making a call. On another occasion they refused to fill a medication that we later found was covered. This caused a cancelled iui cycle that I ha taken drugs for two weeks to complete. More...
    Kbm2224's Picture   Kbm2224    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS Caremark refuses to pay

    When ordering a prescription through on 6/06/13, I incorrectly assumed that my CVS Caremark insurance information was on file because I deal with the local WalMart. I was charged $151.78 for a prescription that should have cost $62.64 through my CVS Caremark insurance. told me I would have to file through CVS Caremark to get the difference of $89.14. CVS Caremark would not give me anything because filed a claim through them. doesn%u2019t even participate with CVS Caremark so there is NO WAY they could have filed a claim through them and... More...
    CGipe's Picture   CGipe    0 Comments   Comments
  • CoPay Assistance Information Repeatedly Lost

    CVS Caremark Specialty pharmacy is possibly the most uncaring incompetent pharmacy on the planet. After receiving a Rx for two new meds from my doctor and co-pay assistance cards for each that would eliminate my co-pay, I called and gave CVS the information and was told it had been accepted and that my Rx's would be on their way the next week. Next week came and went and then I received a phone call from a rep telling me they needed a $120 co-pay for each med. When I told them about the co-pay assistance cards, they had no record of them. I gave them the information again and waited... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    TEEDLUM's Picture   TEEDLUM    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prescription denied

    My doctor and I have decide on a medication to help me prevent impending diabetes that running in my family. My doctor faxed to the prescription over to CVS Caremark home service pharmacy but CVS Caremark was prescription carrier and they provides me with prescription coverage. CVS told the pharmacy they would not cover my medication because it was not on their list of medications that were approved. I call my insurance prescription provider CVS Caremark to resolve the problem. CVS CAremark told their would not cover it because it was not on their approved list of medications. But my... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    samp's Picture   samp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prescriptions

    I have never posted a negative review about any company before because no company has ever been as grossly incompetent as CVS Caremark. I am both a patient and a physician and I am absolutely taken aback by the flaws in getting prescriptions filled by CVS Caremark. There are untimely delays that cause important prescriptions to not be filled. The customer service representatives are very often incompetent; often I will call back several times in one day getting completely contradictory information from separate representatives. I am required to spend excessive amounts of time on the... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    NoNoNoNo's Picture   NoNoNoNo    1 Comments   Comments
  • Dropped Prescriptions

    No follow-up, repeated 72 hours "We will get back to you". No medicines, excuses made that the customer service rep did not finish the automated system order when I was transferred to her. Supervisor #1 said 72 hours she would call back, did not happen. Today, another 72 hours, but supervisor could not clarify and would not commit that they could do anything. Of course I can now purchase them without my insurance, even though I ordered within the window of coverage (5/26). How many elderly or prescription dependent people have had this experience? "I don't know why"... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • 21 Days and No Follow-up

    On May 26th, I ordered my three RXs as I had for 4 years.... Failure to complete the order (by customer service) resulted in no medicines within my window of insurance coverage. I have now made 6 calls to fix these errors, been promised calls back from supervisors which did not happen, and basically the only alternative to get my medicine (even though I ordered within my window for insurance coverage) is to pay full price to get my necessary medicines. This is a failure to follow-up, to fix the situation and figure out what happened within their system so no other person has to go through... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    21DaysNoMeds's Picture   21DaysNoMeds    0 Comments   Comments

CVS Caremark Reviews By Product


CVS Caremark Comments

CLINTON says: (2 years ago)

Trimax says: (2 years ago)
on the 9th of January doctor placed my order with CVS
here it is the 20th of Feb still no pills for my heart
and i constantly ge the run around sent in a check for them
and what do they do fill my wife perscription which was only a week ago and send me a letter telling my perscription has been placed on hold per me...WTF!!
im switching to walmart to get my perscription at least
i can talk to a person if its screwed up

bvd1223 says: (3 years ago)
Called two weeks before my presciption expired and was told it would go right out. After the first week I called again and was told it was "in process". After two weeks they sent the wrong drug, an allergy medicine, when I ordered a sleeping aid. I was told they would send a call tag for the wrong one but it could take 4-6 weeks for me to receive it. In the mean time they charged my credit card. Now they can't get the original sleeping aid correct and send me the wrong pill again. Very poor, no let me change that, NO customer service. And no one takes responsibility for their mistakes at Caremark.

matkrinic says: (3 years ago)
this place is ridiculous .... i feel like everytime i call i have to call back and no one and i mean noone knows what they are doing... and when someone tells you they are doing something they are not. you always have to call back to check... only to find out nothing was done... hold time is awful too.

lexus956 says: (4 years ago)
I purchased a wind resistant lighter from your store in Bradenton Florida. It failed as soon as I used it. I purchased a 2nd one and it failed. The store said I would have to deal with the manuf. I sent 2 notices to Ace Products USA PoBox2555 Hamilton Square N.J 08690. Never received any response. It seems to me the store should have handled this for me.

novodka11 says: (4 years ago)
Cvs Caremark Are crooks.
My med cost me $1.43 a month
When they convinced me to order a 90 supply thru them they billed my C/C $ 39.86 for a 90 supply almost 10 times more then retail.
I am going to dispute the charge and mail their pills back

Dann973 says: (5 years ago)
There is something wrong when a pharmacy has the ability to own a company that tells you how much medication you are to have. Our government needs to get involved. The government should not allow such a relationship to exist CVS Caremark can make sure if your medication is one that will net a greater profit to the pharmacy allow and control how much of which medication they will pay for. I know that CVS pushes you to buy by delivery which just happens though CVS. Also there is too much room for them to know which pharmacy that you are buying from and then base decisions on that. If you have any doubt about the integrity of the CVS chain just look up CVS Caremark on There is so much corruption it is unbelievable. I started looking into this after going to a CVS in my local town of Chatham, New Jersey and put a script in for a medication and CVS Caremark approved only 90 pills. The pharmacist filled only the 90 pills, even though the script said 120 without saying anything to me at all. Of course he conveniently forgot if we had a conversation about this. Which, what can I say. But I absolutely know there was none. I wanted to complain so he gave me a number to call after I insisted. I called the person and guess what? I never got a call back. If you happen to go to the CVS in Chatham, NJ you can guess which pharmacist I was dealing with without too much difficulty. He is Mr. Smiles. ---Not really his last name. Someone needs to take this matter to a higher level and investigate the procedures they are taking in denying needed medication to people. I am sure they will find horrible system in which the provider of medicines is the one saying how much medication that you are allowed to have, not your doctor. They do this by not paying for expensive medications that doesn’t allow most people to take the quantity that your doctor recommends. Or as in my case where the pharmacist thinks that you should have along with CVS Caremark company.

Phonojockey says: (5 years ago)
On numerous occassions I have been to your stores in Atwater and Merced, Ca. to purchase a ZONE 40 WIRELESS game. This si the 4th week stright that the add has appeared in the paper yet no store has the game available. I have rain checks and promises but no game. Why keep advertising this if they as per your store clerks they are not being shipped. Bill Helms MEDU4@AOL.COM

lisakingslien says: (6 years ago)
My complaint is this..i dropped off a prescription at the Moorpark California CVS, when I went to pick it up I was told that there was a problem with my insurance. This went on for 5 days, finally I blew up because I was out of my meds and the ignorant tech didn't even have the common knowledge to contact my insurance or me. it has been 3 weeks now with no resolve. i physically went into the pharmacy once again and spoke with the same tech, not only did he have no answers for me but he was hostile and rude. His name is ART, he is an obese man with an obese attitude. i can't change pharmacies right now because there is so much confusion between the insurance co and the pharmacy that it would only make matters worse. I contacted the pharmacist on duty and told them what was going on, she was very kind but unfortunatley not very helpful. Is this what has happened to our country? I should not have to worry about how I am going to be treated, this should not even be a concern. This man needs to lose his job. I am positive in these tough economic times that his position would be filled immediately by a more competant person.

SuzanneFladell says: (6 years ago)
BEWARE of CVS Caremart!! I have never in my life had such problems with any company like them. I paid my daughter's co-pay for medication, online i viewed that they cashed my check, then I started receiving collection letters for my 15 year old daughter. I have been trying to straighten this out for 5 months, even having to bank send over confirmation as well. I was told my check was applied to another account. I have called 3 times, and no response. I just called and got a manager who says that it has been in "research" since May and has not been resolved. May? When the bank sent you confirmation? This is almost August!
So, when making payments, FOLLOW your money! I am sure this happens quite often, and the billing department simply does not care.

Iamjim says: (6 years ago)
How could you invent telephone spam. When I was asked at the pharmacy (Store #5769, 470 south Torrence Ave., Calumet city IL) if I wanted this service, I declined, I declined every time I was asked (total -6 visits). Even tho I declined this service, my phone started ringing three times a day when a perscription was comming due. Why should I call an 800 number to have my phone number removed from an annoyance list about perscriptions running out. You (CVS) remove my phone number.

billr says: (6 years ago)
I have had nothing but trouble with this insur co.It took me 7mos and at least 10 phone calls to get an insur I.D. card! Now the local CVS pharmacy keeps getting a rejection whe I try to fill a prescription.Nothing but trouble. Iam sure my former employer is paying good money for this insurance program.

studanny says: (6 years ago)
I have done business with CVS for years I have bought thousands of dollors worth of meds. And have had only a few mistakes. But yesterday 3-28-2009 I filled 3 prescriptions for my son one of the prescriptions was for percocet which they gave me Oxyciodone-apap 7.5-325 mg tmck.
My son had taken 3 pills when he decided to count them. They counted out to be 35 pills so that means 2 pills were missing since the prescriptions was for 40 pills. So I call the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist her name was Robin at store #5626 (1400 Park Hill Drive, Gainesville, GA. 30501-0000. The prescription was $62.59. I told her the count was off and she basically called me a lier saying her count was right on in her books. I ask her to replace the pills and she said she can't, I understand a little bit it being a narcotice. So I ask her to reinburse me the price of 2 pills. Adds up to about three dollors and she said she couldn't do that ether. So now I am writing you to see what CVS Corp thinks of this. If I don't hear back from someone I will pull my meds and go to Wal-mart or Walgreens. Its up to CVS what they want to do. In the mean time two Oxycodine-APAP 7.5 pills are lost some where.

Thank You
Danny Head
5291 Cleveland Hwy Clermont,GA.
home 770-983-7964

nocalgal says: (6 years ago)
your new cvs store in grass valley on sutton wy. that store has the best costomer service i've seen in years. there photo dept. is very helpful and there photo dept manager is the there best employee. she always goes the extea mile. one time she even delivered a costomers pictures to there house. she always has a big beautifal smile. you really should some how reward her.she also does lot more then could go into the store at any time and you'll see her running all over that store.

honeybear31 says: (6 years ago)
Dear,CVS/Pharmacy,I have been a loyal shoper for many years now, I've preferred to shop at CVS over other drugstores in the past because of the professionalism,frendily,and attentive staff! That was until yesterday,When me and my sister went shoping at the CVS located at 3940 W. fullerton, in chicago. We were surprised to see that the cosmetics aisle was all a mess! We could not get through! Boxes were all over the place. We proceeded to look for the Colgate tooth paste that was advertised on sale for 88 cents, as a clip free coupon with CVS card. We thought we had the correct item so, we went to check out. The cashier said that her name was Jessica I don't know that to be a fact beacuse she was not wearing a name tag, and she had a sweater over her work shirt. We asked if the tooth paste was the correct one that was on sale for 88 cents. She looked at us as if we were crazy. At frist she said that there was no such sale. Then when I showed her the sale paper that I had in pocket, She then proceeded to say that we had a freeze on our card because we had been from store to store using the card to by the tooth paste , and that we had reached our limit! We assured her that it wasn't the case. I asked her how she would know that to be a facted when she didn't even scan the card? She then said that the tooth paste was the wrong one. We asked her if she or anyone else could help us find the correct tooth paste, She said that there was no one else in the store that could help us! We were so upset with her because we knew that that was a lie! I asked her if she opened the store all by her self, If she was running the pharmacy all by her self, If she was running the camera counter and stocking the all the items her self she grind, and called over the next customer! We went alone to try to find the right tooth paste we couldn't find the correct colgate tooth paste, but we did find Aquafresh tooth paste to be on sale for 88 cents. The price scanner was more helpful to us then Jessica the rude cashier who run's the store! I suggest she sholud be retrained. It makes me sick to think the CVS finds it ok for employees to call customer liars, and for them to refuse to help cutomers. That is Jessica's job and it should be her number one priority. Because for us the loyal customer. She still has a job! She should be thankful for her job, and she sholud think before she opens her mouth! she has made us think twice about going back to shop at CVS. It make me sad to say it but it is true! I will not stop at CVS until I am Assured that rude CVS employees will get there acted together! Not all CVS Employees are Rude there are some who really care and put the customer frist! Jessica is not one of them!I expect an apology from jessica in writting, or I'll be forced to go higher up the chain of comand. Did I mention that when we went to check out the second time with the aquafresh tooth paste it did ring up at 88 cents. I hope that this letter will be taken seriously. REG# 04, Tran# 7014 CSHR# 582482, STR#8735, The time and date are as follows february 24, 2009 12.35pm. Sincerely, crystal.

LisaOU812 says: (6 years ago)
I too am a victim of their generic drug "backdooring me" despite my Dr indicating I was to get "Brand" meds so they can save $7 on my Rx's. I stayed on them about it to get it resolved. However, to help others I've compiled the following information:

CVS/Caremark is very familiar with lawsuits over their business practices. Make your complaints known to the correct people if you ever expect things to change. I've compiled a short list that you may find helpful in where and to whom to send complaints about CVS/Caremark.

Search on tips for "Effective complaining" on what to put in writing as you compose your complaint. Yes, this includes YOU. Just read the complaints on this site to know that not everyone is Hemingway in their literary composition so make sure if you're going to make the effort to do it effectively.

Your State's Attorneys General/Auditors General/Inspectors General: (replace the XX with your state's abbreviation to be redirected.)

Contact your House of Representatives and Senators:
US House of Representatives:
US Senators:

Thomas M. Ryan, CVS/Caremark CEO
Corporate Headquarters
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895
General contact info: Call 888-607-4287 or email

FDA Hotline: 1-888-INFO-FDA (1-888-463-6332)
Office of Chief Counsel
Food and Drug Administration
5600 Fishers Lane
Rockville, Maryland 20857

FDA's Office of Generic Drugs
Office of Generic Drugs
Center for Drug Evaluation and Research
OGD Document Room
7500 Standish Place
Rockville, MD 20855
E-mail Timothy W. Ames,

PLSEB says: (6 years ago)
Having worked in the Pharmacy numerous times, I can easily say that most of the issues facing customers and Pharmacists are due to script errors or insurance issues. The techs do as much as they can, but in the end, there is simply not enough hours distributed to these people. If CVS Corporate received the same amount of compliments as complaints, hours would surely increase, and these issues would not be so common. Please, if you have even a descent experience, please, please, please call 1-800-shopcvs and let them know that the staff are on task and helpful. This will go a very long way for the staff and the store, which will trickle down to every customer.

fencerx says: (7 years ago)
Seriously, you people think that CVS should call you if there's any little thing wrong with your script? Do you have any idea how many scripts we do a day? We would never have a chance to fill the scripts that did go through correctly, we would just be on the phone with customers all day. This is a -retail- pharmacy, they're not going to give us any more hours to do things like that. Most of your problems can be blamed on the insurance company, go take it out on them instead of us minimum wage rx techs.

dmcgrat2 says: (7 years ago)
I just visited the CVS in Warrenton, VA, Frost Ave. for the second time and still did not get my medication!!! My doctor called it in yesterday, Sep 3 at approx. 1:30. I went to pick it up at about 3:45 and it was not ready. I returned today and was told that there was a authorization needed from my doctor. I told the tech that the doctor is the one who had sent the RX to them. They then explained that my dear insurance co. was questioning if another med would be appropriate. My complaint is CVS should have called me to let me know so that I would not have to make another useless trip to their pharmacy. Secondly, it seems as though it is the doctor, insurance co. and CVS that are determining my need for medication and I am totally left out of the decision making process. I have had trouble with this CVS before and will NEVER go to another CVS again. There are too many competitors to have to put up with their lack of service.

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