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CVS Caremark Reviews

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  • billing department

    My account has been incorrect since September, 2015. Since my first prescription I have had a $10 co-pay through the drug manufacturer, however I am being billed $120-$150 per refill. I have called and written numerous times to try to get someone in billing to correct the mistakes, with no success. I am cut-off, put on hold and then cut-off, or transferred and cut-off. Every month when CVS/specialty calls me to refill my prescription I stress the fact I have a $10 co-pay, and every time I am assured I will only be billed $10. The departments don't talk to each other and they... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Rebuild

    I live in San Bernardino CA and we are a low income town with the Railroad and air base closures in past. CVS in Rialto and San Bernardino have helped us survive and begin to thrive again. Get your insurance to recover your losses and go back to Baltimore MD. The other regular people need you. You must make money there because you invested there in the first place. It would be good PR to support the local town people and get more guards if you must. And faster lock down abilities. Martha Bartel 909888-0053 More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)

    CVS Caremark Specialty pharmacy sent me a simponi injection, without checking wether or not my Simponi Cost care support, would cover the other $743.00 after my Primary B.C.B.S. They Quoted me my $5. copay, I paid it. As I have for the last 6 years. 3 weeks later I get a bill for $743.00 I'm now being denied my medication until this balance is paid. Cost care support had run out, so I'm held liable for the rest. Notification of the change in price came as the bill. So the next time I called they told me hey,it's going to be $743. if you don't get your Simponi cost care... More...
  • Rejected request for local prescription fill

    My wife's doctor left practice after wife got a 90 day prescription through mail order. When my wife called to get a refill they stated that she had to have a primary care doctor to get refills. Set appointment which was 30 days away because that was the closest time to get and my wife had 26 pills left. We requested a 30 day from the clinic to get her through till doctor could send to mail order. CVS/Caremark rejected at local pharmacy (NO CVS IN MY AREA). I requested an Urgent approval for a one time fill but ACCOUNT MANAGER DENIED THE REQUEST. The company would have a person... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • CVS are liars

    First CVS Caremark took my dying wife off her pain medication after years without warning even though all of her Doctors told CVS Caremark it was the only drug to work on her. So I wont let her die in Pain, I will pay the thousands the drug cost. The CVS the drug store says they cant get the drug because corporate limits the supply. I call corporate and they say the drug stores can order it? Somebody is lying and in any event I wind up having to travel further every month to a little independent where they are not limited in supply! They first swindle my wife off the drug because they... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Overcharged without disclosure

    I ordered the identical medicine using the same doctor’s prescription, same insurance, and same insurance plan year on 5/13/2012 and 7/24/2013 using IVR/mail order. Price was not disclosed during my order on 7/24/2013. However, the price has increase from $20.62 to $62.52 in two months. I called CVS Caremark and they claimed that we hit a brand name only option on 7/24/2013. Should CVS disclose pricing info and inform customers the price will increase 300% for that option due to the most recent changes of its system? I never expected the same medicine cost 300% more within 2... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Dropped Prescriptions

    No follow-up, repeated 72 hours "We will get back to you". No medicines, excuses made that the customer service rep did not finish the automated system order when I was transferred to her. Supervisor #1 said 72 hours she would call back, did not happen. Today, another 72 hours, but supervisor could not clarify and would not commit that they could do anything. Of course I can now purchase them without my insurance, even though I ordered within the window of coverage (5/26). How many elderly or prescription dependent people have had this experience? "I don't know why"... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • poor service

    at cvs, this problem happens more often than reported. i'm sure cameras will back up everything that i said happened. they employ incompetent people, they yell to one another with customers present, chew gum and drink while working, this is not what i call customer service and many of the other customers will agree with me. check the cameras for monday, may 20, 2013 at the halsted/ashland location in chicago, illinois at or around 9-10 a.m. until i see that things change, cvs has lost my business. More...
  • Horrible mail order service

    Prescription was ordered 12 days ago and has not been filled. Called Caremark again May 20th and was told I needed a new prescription in order to fill the order explained to them I had a confirmation number for the order and the lies began the number belonged to another person blah blah blah. The customer service rep then said I could have the dr call them I refused their job is to get in touch with the dr not vice versa. Finally they said they would get in touch with the Dr and get a new prescription again they never faxed The Dr. Called the next day and the Bs began in earnest wanted to... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • won't process payment

    I have tried on countless occasions to process an online check payment to CVS Caremark mail order prescriptions. They wait about 7 days and then don't process the check and put the balance back on my account. My account has plenty of money in it, so that IS NOT the problem. I had to call them on one occasion and process the payment. Then they proceeded to start taking the money out of my account without my permission on the next refill. They did refund that back but now they are back to not accepting my payments online. Sick and tired of them and want to know what their problem is. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • inaccurately filling the prescription as prescribed

    She stated that my insurance company wouldn't approve a count of 100, they would only approve for a count of 90 on 1/25/13. I didn't catch the oversight at that time. On 2/25/13 I submitted a new prescription an notice the oversight at that time. I call 3 times and first was told that the person who ordered that was at lunch. I called back and spoke with the person about the error. The person then informed me that it was because of my insurance provider. I then called my insurance prescription server and questioned why they only approved me for the 90 count instead of the... More...
  • perscription

    On the 7th of January I mailed a prescription into the online pharmacy, and selected rush delivery, as I have been unable to get this prescription filled at any local pharmacy due to issues being experienced in this area with the distributor. I have been given many exscuses from local pharmacies, such as they are not accepting new pain medication patients, they do not carry the medication, or they have ordered it but have no idea when it will be in. I contacted Craemark CVS, and was told I could fill my perscription using the mail order service. It has been 14 days, and I have not... More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Poor Customer Service

    I've been using CVS in Twin Rivers for years, but I am just about ready to switch. I absolutely love the pharmacy and pharmacists, they're all wonderful. On the other hand, the cashiers, Marcus in particular (I think thats the one), and a certain shift manager named Scott could use some serious customer relations training. My cashier was talking to his friend the whole time during our transaction instead of focusing. Therefore, he charged me for two boxes of hair color when i had a coupon for one free one. When I point it out he refunds me. I leave in a hurry only to find out when... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Insulin Prescription

    My insurance (Aetna) is requiring me to use CVS Caremark to receive my insulin and diabetes supplies. If I don't order from them I will have to pay out of pocket. My doctor put in my order on Thur Sept 6. I was low on insulin at this point. I call on Mon after not hearing anything and am told that they need clarification on my dosage (they will not take my word for it). After many calls back and forth between insurance company, doctor's office and Caremark the dosage is clarified and I am told it can be overnighted. After not hearing anything else I call back on Friday, Sept... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Lack of servicee

    Ordered by escript a prescription. There is nothing in place if the order fails. I was told when checking the status 3 days later that it was never revcieved. Doctor resent it. Checked 3 days later was told that my doctor was holding the authorization to ship. Was not told about the preauthorization requirements. They told me that if it was faxed then it would be 4 days to processes just that fax. Check status 1 week later and they said it was processed and pending shipment. So it will end up being almost a month to get my prescription filled. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Prescription

    My doctor put a request through directly from her office and told me I had to contact customer service to get it sent. When I called, the prescription had already been sent and was in it's way. I found out that all they had was the non- formulary non-generic and it was going to cost $98. Customer service refused to send me a return mail ticket to return the medications because it was not their error. They were unconcerned that I could not afford this, only about getting their money. The customer svc rep did not let me talk to anyone else only stating there was nothing they could do.... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Customer support

    I have been unable to receive my prescription. I started the process 2 weeks ago, I was told to contact my doctor for a refill for Advair and Proventil HFA. I did that immediately. The fax went in. Showed processing online. I went back in a few days later and saw the same thing. Strange thing was one of the prescriptions was ready to go but the other still processing. What? Make the call "well it takes a couple of days to get into the system". Why is the other in and the one I need most still processing? Don't know they said. Call back on Saturday. Saturday (1/14) what's... More...

    on 07/14/2011 i went to CVS # 232 to get two of my scripts filled, both are controlled meds. after i got them i walked into my car and looked at the bottles. i seen that my pain med bottle was very small and normally the bottle is very larger. after looking and then counting the pills- i seen that they shorted me 100, yes 100 pills. i walked right back into the store with the bag which had all the info stapled on it and the bottles. i informed the cashier- first thing she said was are you sure u didnt have another bottle, or do something with them bc we always triple check our... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)

    Rodney and manager on duty in the pharmacy on Thurs July 14th were extremely rude on the phone and failed to answer any questions. They were unhelpful to say the least and from the way I was treated it is doubtful I will be returning to this pharmacy. There is always a very long wait to pick up prescriptions and although the location is convenient I'd rather drive to a different pharmacy than be treated in this manner. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Wrong mg given on medicine

    I have epilepsy, and I am required to take Lamotrigene 200mg 3 times a day. I discovered last night that I was given 200mg and 150mg in the same bottle. If i do not take the correct dose, I am subject to multiple seizures in a day. This is EXTREMELY unsettling that I would have to check behind a pharmacist to make sure my medicine is filled correctly. I had already taken 3 pills the day before, so I do not know if I took the correct dose or not, LETS HOPE SO!!!!!!! I NEED A RESPONSE OF HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN. There should be ZERO mistakes when it comes to peoples medications. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Rude Staff at Store #714

    I just had one of the rudest customer service experiences (cvs store #714, Somerville, MA) in a very long time. I had made the mistake of scanning a coupon that wouldn't work on sale items at the self-checkout that immediately locked up. The self-check-out attendant (#0028843?) pushed me aside and claimed that she doesn't see the coupon in the slot. She then just walked away without a word to me to the other cashier at the register who finally came over after about 5 minutes and got the coupon out for me but started to walk away with the check-out still locked. I mentioned this... More...
  • store harrasment

    My wife of 49 years of age was not allowed to buy cigarettes at CVS store because of an expired driver’s license. First yes cigarettes are bad for you and I wished she didn't smoke but she is obviously over 18 and there is no law requiring a valid driving license. Well she was informed by the manager that it was their policy. My wife got me from the car and asked me to buy them (I am 54 years old) since I had a valid driver’s license. The store manager informed me she couldn't sell them to me because their policy required everyone in the party must be over 18 with a... More...
  • bad rph servic

    Needed a medicaiton emergently, hard to find liquid antibiotic. The dr called ahead to the store to ensure pharmacy had it. Dropped off rx, to find computerd down. 6 hours later still no antibiotic. Spoke to the RPh who offered to "transfer it across the street"; when I showed up, it was to find the rx was transferred- to a pharmacy who didn't have the medicine. Which left me holding the bag, sick as could be, still without medication, and having to track it down. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Bad customer service

    I was hurt at cvs in gainesville florida. While at checkout counter turned to step into a basket that an employee was responsible for returning to rack, taking several tumbles while being caught up in basket. Had to wear a knee immobilizer for 3 months during christmas break along with several contusions. The manager showed me the tape of what had happened. They never apologized. Never offered compensation. Never not one call from company. I filed a lawsuit 2 yrs ago and to my disbelief they still have not answered so we are going to court. I have never sued anyone but the embarrassment and... More...
    (Legal Services)
  • Prescriptions

    I have called CVS Caremark over the last 3 weeks, repreatedly to correct an issue in their computer so NYS EPIC will cover some of the cost of my prescriptions. The agents/supervisors are rude and have given me the same response each and every time i have called which is they are working on it. I am told by EPIC is all CVS Caremark has to do is call EPIC and they will walk them through the computer to put in the proper coding, problem solved. EPIC sent a memo to all druggists as to what to do to their computers a month ago. My deductible is not applied by EPIC due to this problem, I am owed... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Cannot get needed meds for migraine headaches

    My employer switched us to Caremark as of January 1, 2011. Since that time it has been a constant battle with Caremark to get my prescription for Naratriptan filled. I sincerely believe that they are giving me all this grief only because this drug is expensive. I got a new prescription from my Doctor in February. "Take one tablet at onset of migraine, not to exceed 2 tablets in 24 hours". Caremark refused to fill this because the prior carrier (Aetna)filled the prescription in December, and Caremark will only authorize 27 tablets every 90 days. Never mind that it was a new... More...
  • Shopping complaint review

    On January 20, I tried to pay for a few food items with an EBT/food card. The Manager of store #2591/310 Gun Hill Road, Bronx,NY told me that her store did not accept "THAT" card. I asked why-- she said her registers' were not set up for that function. I'm insulted,horrified in this day and time someone would profile a customer --with a smile on her face. I am a Senior Citizen, a hard working American, who happens to be ill (surgery Feb 11)and has not been able to work for the past 15 months. How dare she.... I do not feel confortable shopping at this location --... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • prescription

    I recently moved and notified CVS Caremark to please send my prescription to my new address. When I didn't receive the prescription, I called the 800 number, and was told that I never called them. I spoke to a supervisor who confirmed I did call, but was not able to assist with the charge. I was charged $135 for a prescription I didn't receive. I escalated to another group, girl's name was Jessica Bredlinger, she told me she would call in a couple days with an update. Its been over two weeks and she has yet to return any of my calls. Worst customer service I've... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Poor Customer Service

    Today at 11:20a.m. I went into CVS at 78th and Western to pick up a prescription that had been waiting for me. After a few minutes, one of the assistant pharmacists came over to assist me. I told him my name, and he searched for my medicine while I spoke with the managing pharmacist. The assistant rang up the medicine, and the other 2 items that I had, baby oil and deodorant. I told him that I had Extra Bucks that I wanted to use against this purchase. He took the Extra Bucks coupon for $11.00 and rang it up. The purchase with the Extra Bucks had to be for the total amount of the... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Billing - Very disorganized

    I feel like i have been recently cheated by CVS Caremark. I had ordered a 90 day refill for a allergy medication - XYZAL - as a mail order for my wife. As she had side effects from Allegra and OTC medications we had to order prescription medicine. I received the medication on 04/06/2010 and then got a invoice on 05/25/2010 for 200$. On calling CVS Caremark I was informed that XYZal is no longer a preferred medicine by Insurance so I have to pay 200$. I asked CVS why did someone not call me to inform me that the medicine is not a preferred medicine and secondly why didnt the invoice was... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Broken FAX 5440 Atascocita Rd., Humble TX 77346 - Store 5328

    I have been attempting to get a refill of my blood pressure medication since Tuesday. Part of the problem was the doctor's office, I assume, however, the doctor's office notified me that the refill had been handled. I went to pick up the perscription on Wednesday, December 16th and pharmacy personnel advised they had not received the refill approval. I called the doctor's office and yesterday they notified me again that the fax had been received. Today, Friday, December 18, I called the pharmacy and they advised me their fax is broken and the doctor's office has to... More...
  • Pharmacy

    They are rude, hang up, and tell you to go elsewhere if they don't have a product. They short the count on pills at times, send the wrong ones (I am 83 and have them delivere). As soon as I use up my CVS $$$ on essentials, I will shop elsewhere, although LONGS was most convenient. Your pharmacy does not list "co-pay" any longer and I have no credits on my AARP and they do not give the full co-pay price. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Harassed by Pharmacist

    I was harassed by a pharmacist named Mukesh Patel from CVS branch #1949 Adress: 1310 Boston Post Road, Larchmont, NY 10538. He called me saying my prescription was there. When I went to collect it I, by mistake I handled him a new prescription for that medication together with other (for different medications). I then asked him if he had this prescription and he said yes. I then asked him to return my prescription and he didn't want to give it back to me. I told him that the prescription paper was mine and he couldn't keep it. He again told me he would returned it to me. I called... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
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