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cvs/caremark Reviews

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  • Treats Employees Bad

    With the snow storm and sub-zero weather CVS Caremark Mount Prospect Supervisors called employees on a Sunday evening to inform them that daycare closings would not be a valid excuse not to come into work tomorrow. They truly do not care about their employees or their families responsibilties. I wonder if the CEO who made that decision has a partner that gets to stay at home? How wonderful is that. Most families have parents that both work and several families have just one parent. Shame on you CVS. More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Workingmom's Picture   Workingmom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mail Order Prescription

    On Thursday June 6, 2013, I called CAREMARK to refill a prescription. Since I needed the medication expedited and did not have the prescription number I talked with a customer service representative. During the call the CSR verified all of my information and even asked me if I had a CAREMARK card and offered to send a replacement card if needed. She confirmed all the information about the order and said that I should receive the prescription by no later than Monday June 10, 2013. Friday June 7, 2013 %u2013 no medication %u2013 I feel rough but I know the prescription is coming so I can... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Traylor760's Picture   Traylor760    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service is the Caremark Example

    I work for a company that strives for the superior customer experience. I am appalled that they would contract Caremark, who strives for poor customer service, as a benefits provider. My husband is on blood pressure medication and was recently refused a refill. Our family care physician just updated his prescription for the next 5 mos and we had no problems refilling it for Jan and Feb. We called to straiten the problem out and they could see the updated prescription but my husband was told it was against the law to fill it and Caremark gave no explanation why it was against the law.... More...
    tbode's Picture   tbode    0 Comments   Comments
  • CVS CAREMARK Hazardous to your health!

    CVS CAREMARK %u2013 Hazardous to your health! CVS Caremark of San Antonio, Texas, is by far the most arrogant, incompetent, callous, and predatory mail order prescription drug provider and insurer in these United States. Also I can label them sometimes malicious, as I have unfortunately found by complaining about their service. I am a retired AT&T employee (my card shows RXGRP: ATTRX) and I am stuck with this nearly worthless drug insurance/provider company. My dealings with them, especially this year, 2012, have exacerbated my health problems, especially my blood pressure and anxiety... More...
    wcwiseman's Picture   wcwiseman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unpaid Prescription Reimbursement

    I retired in February and put my wife on Cobra Insurance. Before she received her new cards, we filled four prescriptions (March 8, 2012)and was told to pay for them and submit a paper claim. We paid $532.53 and should have paid $60.00. I have made over 20 calls and have not been able to get this resolved. I have asked for return phone calls and do not receive them. I have received three rejection letters with the explanation: 84 Claim not Paid/Captured. I have been given three different reasons: 1. System Problems 2. Can't find price 3. Can't find CVS Pharmacy. I don't know... More...
  • CVS/Caremark is the worst insurance!

    The customer service reps for ordering a prescription over the phone for 3 month supply are totally inept. They placed the wrong order for a diabetic meter and after HOURS on the phone and empty promises, I never received my free meter that comes with my insurance nor the test strips or lancets. Then they promised expedited delivery - with an attitude like they were doing me a favor, when it was their screw up to begin with! If you have another choice besides CVS, then RUN, don't walk to the other choice. The stupidest, most inept, and least caring people I have ever dealt with. CVS... More...
    idiotsabound's Picture   idiotsabound    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer review

    I am terribly disappointed. I ordered my medicine almost 4 weeks ago and i still haven't received them yet. All my efforts with dealing with Caremark were futile. First of all I do not like having to talk to a computer-system when making an order. Second their representatives are totally incompetent. Like I said I have been waiting for my order for the last 4 weeks and every time I talk to them they completely deny any incompetency and inefficiency on their part. Caremark here is a bit of advise. When dealing with unhappy customers, how about you start with an apology. Your customer... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Hypocrites

    I am very disappointed that my CVS/Caremark prescription insurance won't cover my maintenance medication at my local community pharmacy - I have been told that I have to go to a 'local' CVS (the closest of which is 3 hours away) or use CVS Mail order. Yet you are making statements (Papatya Tankut, VP professional pharmacy services at CVS/pharmacy) like "A pharmacist in a face-to-face setting is the most effective healthcare professional at encouraging patients to take medications as prescribed," Apparently that face to face contact is only beneficial if you live... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    jajorgen's Picture   jajorgen    1 Comments   Comments
  • Too Many Errors

    CVS Caremark is required by my company for ongoing prescriptions. My company requires a 90 day prescription for all maintenance medications. The copay for the 90 day prescriptions is equal to 60 days worth of medication, so there is a great cost savings when things are done correctly. CVS Caremark seems to be attempting to increase the margin on filling these prescriptions by filling them incorrectly. I have had 3 prescriptions filled incorrectly for 30 days instead of 90 days. After calling CVS Caremark they gladly send out the remaining 60 days and charge for 60 days. Each time this... More...
    CaremarkBlues's Picture   CaremarkBlues    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer service

    My insurance has required me to use CVS/Caremark for maintenance prescriptions. Caremark made two errors (sent wrong dosage) and recently did not inform me of a major change to the recommended dosage of a medication. They preferred to sell and ship their stock of the existing dosage rather than email me re. the change and offer me the option of getting me a new presription. Very self-serving. More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Llll's Picture   Llll    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Service

    The online prescription Service is really dump and terrible. My Health plan provider switched from Medco to Caremark last year. When I renew my two medicines I have been taken for years. They put it on hold and never communicate to me for the reason. After months of on hold, when I called them they say it is waiting for doctor office for confirmation. How stupid it is, at least they should let me know the reason for on hold. They must remember, who is the one paying for the medicine. Plus, as of the recent changes in health, I am paying 100% of the cost. Should I pay and beg for the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    mcmgm's Picture   mcmgm    0 Comments   Comments

    I retired from BellSouth and we had EXCELLENT prescription service thru MEDCO, then BellSouth went under the AT&T name and our excellent prescription service was a thing of the past. AT&T required us to use CareMark for online prescriptions. I have NEVER ordered a prescription and had it come promply as we did with Medco. They promptly send a message saying your order was received then you wait, and wait, and wait and if you are lucky you get it in a couple of weeks. The co-pay has increased (probably with AT&T's cost cutting). I'm a diabetic and use Lotus Solostar... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Pica's Picture   Pica    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wanted me to lie because it would be cheaper

    My insurance just started requiring us to use the mail order for maintenance meds. This was the first time for me and I signed up online. At first it seemed good, they contacted my doctor and the prescription came in a decent time. But the prescribed quantity was wrong. I take 2 150mg tablets and they filled it for 1 150mg tablets so instead of a 90 day supply it was a 45 day. Was on hold for 30 min. Then the pharmacist tried to bully me. Said he would contact the Dr to clarify but wanted to say that I expected to see 1 300mg tab because that was cheaper than the 2 150mgs. I told him I was... More...
    kcisam's Picture   kcisam    0 Comments   Comments
  • online shopping

    created online order on cvs.! but never got e-mail conformation of the order so i the 1-800 number to check on it and said there was no order so i said to cancel it, there reply was there might be an order and e-mail address must be incorrect and told them i could not make a online order without a correc e-mail address, and asked what do now and she said i don't know.! i told her i had ordered a birthday gift on the order do i tell my wife is on it's way or it might be.? More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Customer Service

    Terrible Customer Service. Be-aware they doesnt stick to the price they say over the phone while ordering with a +/- few dollars disclaimer. They charged me double the amount that what they said. When I said that i will return the merchandise; they said i can send them back at my own risk and there is no gaurantee of $$ refund. I had dispute the charges - they took several weeks to do the research and finally decide stating they never agreed on the said price which is only possible when they either tamper the recorded tapes or lie. More over they does even call back the customer to update... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    DeepK's Picture   DeepK    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrendous Service

    I was sent a generic that didn't work for me; I didn't even realize a generic had become available. I had my doc fax a new prescription for the brand name that was rejected after an appeal. I was then sent a letter telling me what day I could order the prescription and that they would hold the prescription. I called on that date and they said they would ship it out. A week later I got a letter saying it was too early. I called back and they said the prescription was voided. I asked them why they did this after they said in the earlier letter they would hold the prescription... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    dlec64's Picture   dlec64    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad service

    I wrote 3 letters & sent 2 e-mails plus I tried to contact Tom Ryan CVS-Caremark to complain about rude treatment by your employees whenever I informed them that they were ignorant of your corp. policies. I had to research the internet to find inf. put out by you in regard to presc. policy. Unfortunately your employees from mang. on down do not know your own policies.Pls.forward this to Tom Ryan and contact me. Ray Maguire More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    raym's Picture   raym    1 Comments   Comments

cvs/caremark Reviews By Product

cvs/caremark Comments

bart2222 says: (6 years ago)
hello; I tried many many times now to email to storecomments and to the customerservice about what a great boss i have that works in store 1394 and he can do no wrong he is great and way and above and beyond with the customer from pharmacy on down to the smallest details and every single customer leaves the store with a big happy smile and he always always leaves the store very very clean better than most of the co workers that do and most of the co workers don't even do his job when he is away except for a few and this man from 1394 deserves a medal of honor in my eyes he works long and i do mean long hours and i just want the higher ups to know about this manager at store 1394 and he is always cool he never never get mad at anybody Mr. Ryan please see that the manager of store 1394 is well rewarded and i do mean well rewarded for a job well done way above and beyond the call of duty PLEASE and i would like to know why or if my email ever got to Mr. Clyde Johnson or to the other people as well. This would be a great way to start off the first of a brand new month. please help me Mr. Ryan please.
Mrs. Linda Kelley or

Maryelle says: (6 years ago)
I agree with the majority of the posts here! They have horrible customer service, could give a shit about the patient, and should be sued! I too, am new to this insurance and have never in my life been treated so poorly. The good news is I will be sharing my horrible experience with my employer - enough of us complain and we will get them removed! If enough of us stick together we can move mountains and get these people taking down!!!!

Chris129 says: (7 years ago)
This company has 0 accountability for their horrendous customer service. Beware...they claim they will investigate who "dropped the ball" within the business and ship meds overnight. Well I've been waiting almost a month for my prescription and still nothing! My doctors office is also completely fed up with them. This company should not be in business!

chiism1 says: (8 years ago)
My job decided to switch to CareMark from our actual insurance companies paying for our meds and supplies and it has been a nightmare ever since. When my pharmacy called the customer service people stated different copays than what was being charged to me. We have been dealing with straight $5, $25, and $75 copays, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tier medicines. The were charging me $75 for generic items because they were claiming that the generic names of the products were brand names. Only in Caremark. NO other insurance company before them. (I think they are a discount card that my job is charging us the same as the actual insurance coverage we had since benefits existed). I talked to two different people at Caremark and the pharmacy did also to see what tiers my supplies fell in and we got different answers from each person. Total incompetance.

Pica says: (9 years ago)
Awful service. I'm a retired BellSouth Employee and when they changed from BellSouth to AT&T we went from a wonderful prescription plan with Medco to an awful plan with CVS Caremark.
I order my prescriptions and it takes a week or 2 for them to even ship or showing it pending.
With Medco your online orders got fast prompt service.
Now my medicine is often out before I ever get a new shipment from Caremark.
If your Company is thinking about going with Caremark prescription plans, beg them not to. Contact other members of your company and have them request a different company.
Just AWFUL service and prices.

Toothpix123 says: (9 years ago)
Dear Mr. Ryan:
I worked for CVS for 17 years.
The manager fired me for wearing a skirt.
I had alot of compliments in the 17 years of service
Where is the justice?

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