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CVS Caremark Complaint - Absolutely Abysmal - Mail Order Pharmacy
CVS Caremark Complaint

CVS Caremark Complaint


Absolutely Abysmal - Mail Order Pharmacy

Tempted to use the Caremark mail order pharmacy to save a few bucks? DON'T!! Instead, save LOADS of time, gray hair and your sanity.

My order was confirmed received by Caremark, marked urgent with the date I needed to start the medication and then TEN DAYS LATER at 5:32pm (the day before I needed to start the medication), they voided my prescription because it was missing a piece of information. When I called to inquire, I waited on hold an eternity only to be told that Caremark didn't actually stock this medication anyway, so they were going to mail my prescription back.

Avoid this company at all costs. If you have influence in your company for benefits plans, do not subject valued employees to this kind of "service".

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lsatkinson says: (3 years ago)
I agree with you. They are a bunch of incompetant minimum wage hires who don't give a crap if they help you or not. All they do is apoligize and say it will get it taken care of but cannot give you any assurance as to how and when that will happen. It is unforgivable the way they treat their customers and once you are in the plan you are stuck for an entire year. At one point they told me well go to your local pharmacy and pick it up. Yeah , sure but while they have the rx tied up my insurance won't pay. Idiots is too good a name for this incompetant excuses for human beings.

Procky1 says: (3 years ago)
CVS's diffident service is potentially LETHAL if you're using insulin or other critical medications. I downloaded doctor Rx forms for my account from the Caremark site and provided them to my 2 doctors. Using the form, one doctor sent Caremark Rx's for insulin and metformin. On the same day, another doctor sent in a non-critical Rx. I received an acknowledgement email from Caremark with the last 4 digits of 2 Rx numbers but, no medication names or prescribing physician. Following the directions on the email, I went to the Website to find out what the Rx numbers referred to OR who prescribed them - but the Website would not give me any more information than what was in the email - so why was I directed to the Website? After sitting on the Rx for days, I receive another email (on Friday) saying that an Rx was being delayed - but the didn't say which one. This time I called and was told that they were holding the Insulin / metformin delivery because (get this!) they couldn't tell whether I was supposed to take one 1000mg metformin tablet twice daily, or 2 500mg tablets twice daily. It was nearly impossible to explain to the representative that 1) they're EXACTLY THE SAME, and 2) I was OUT OF INSULIN! She promised faithfully to overnight the order. Nothing Saturday, nothing Sunday. I called this morning (Monday) and was informed that they were "about to ship the order". HEY!!! I said I was out of insulin last Friday! I asked for the name of the person who had decided to let me run out of insulin - but they don't have THAT information either (of course!). I've instructed them to transfer all my prescriptions to my local Walgreens store, and recommend you do likewise.

TxEmployee says: (3 years ago)
What I want to know is how in the world does CAREMARK continue to get the contract to be the State of Texas prescription drug provider for its employees. They are always more expensive than Walmart, and they refill prescriptions without your order or permission and then refuse to take it back. They hire credit collectors to call you everyday and mail continual threatening letters to get the money they want from you for meds you did not order or accept. There are suits and complaints at BBBs and Pharmacy Boards all over the country about CAREMARK. Makes you wonder if there are some kickbacks allowing this horrible company to get the state contract in Texas year after year.

Dieing says: (4 years ago)
CVS CareMark Pharmacy is the most inept place to get your prescriptions from. They first send everything by UPS, which will not leave at your door, or leave it some place that you can at least obtain your Prescriptions. I have instructed CVS CareMark to send all my prescriptions by The United States Postal Service, which when they did only twice, I was able to get my Prescriptions, though late because they send the prescriptions 5 days after you run out of the supplies, or the medication. Being a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic on an Insulin Pump. Now you know what happens when your pumping a very powerful Insulin, and you can't check your blood sugar to make sure you don't pass out from your blood sugar being too low or to high. I eventually had to go to Walgreens to get a box of Blood Testing Strips. I place the order by mailing in the reorder form 3 weeks before I would need the Strips. I called them 10 days ago to make sure the order was filled and sent out. I instructed the person who I was speaking to that they needed to mail by The United States Post Office. No get this I need Insulin to keep myself functioning. So if your taking Insulin it would be good to have the Chem Strips to check your blood sugar. Because if I have to drive some where it would be good to know my blood sugar levels before I get into the car. Or it would be good to have the Insulin so that I don't pass out from Hypoglycemia. I have been out of Insulin, out of the Chem Strips to check my blood sugar to make sure my Blood Sugar is at a good level before I do anything. But with CVS Carmark, they act like Obama Care. My Cost have tripled since 2008, and if I pay my bills then re order I never get my medications before I run out. I have to literally plead with them to send the prescriptions. Oh yea I am also suffering from Hypothyroidism, which I guess I have to learn to live with out my medications for a couple of weeks, so my boss wonders why I am not always able to work a reasonable work shift. Which is because CVS CareMark are Doctors and they know better, yea right, they don't know $-hit. I have never seen an pharmacy act so belligerently inept. Oh yea I got the Chem Strips to test my blood sugar by leaving work early, and running after the UPS Truck Driver who would not leave the prescription at the Condo Office, he said that CVS CareMark, wanted a Signature for the prescription. It is freaking Blood Testing Strips. The last time UPS stated they left my prescriptions in the Condo Office, which I had to walk a long way to get to the office just to find it was not left there. CVS CareMark stated that I needed to file a complaint with UPS, UPS is a joke, they could Track their own a$$. This is totally unacceptable. So When I call CVS CareMark to ask them why my prescriptions were sent UPS, they say they don't know, but according to my file with them CVS CareMark it says all over it that it has to be sent by U.S. Mail or I'll never get it. A lot of good that does when you have a shipping coordinator who can't read and follow instructions. Probably another person looking for a had out. If I ever did anything like that on my job you wouldn't get your weather report, and I be fired. CVS CareMark is an organization that doesn't care about you, they never have and they never will. They are like the Democrat’s, yea you have a Illness but we don't care we want you to not become a productive citizen, just get a little sicker so that we can then put you on disability. So that you will die without anyone hearing from you. What they don't realize is that there could be a lawsuit from this type of neglect for the members that entrusted CVS CarMark to full fill simple prescriptions. Diabetes is all about timing, and if you don't know what your blood sugar is, and you need food to convert to energy, and without the prescriptions being there before you run out of them, makes managing the condition almost impossible. I have walked many of miles in everyone's shoes, I know better. Show the same consideration. I am going to pull my prescriptions from CVS CareMark, and going to Walgreens because they can't full fill a simple prescription and send by U.S. Mail to me.

Stop acting like a Democrat, it just makes everyone's life miserable.

missingbuster says: (7 years ago)
Wow, CVS must have a reputation for contacting the wrong physicians for information! They contacted the wrong office for 4 days before I straightened them out. They did not stock my medication, lied about the weather being a reason the McKesson Pharma did not ship it and told me many, many times that it was being shipped when they didn't even have the medication on site in their facility! After seeing the comments here, I am very discouraged and am dreading doing any more business with them but my medication is so expensive if I don't use mail order it will cost me $2000. Who can afford that???? They have you over a barrel and they know it. I think it's time they were held accountable!!!

jawja says: (7 years ago)
It's December, 2010, caremark is still giving the same abysmal service, is still in business. God help us. I hit renew on my Lopid script on their website 11/1/10. On 11/27 I received a robocall stating it had been mailed. When it hadn't arrived by 12/10, I checked the website. The order was cancelled 12/4. I don't check their website every day. I called "customer care" was told Marianne Amber in my Dr's office refused to refill. There IS no Mariann Amber in my Dr's office! My Dr's office says they were never contacted by Caremark, and, faxed a renewal. I always order my meds at least a month ahead because of the erratic service. Lopid is NOT a narcotic!! I have had numerous problems like this ever since Bellsouth/ATT chose this co as sole provider. Caremark's system is overwhelmed. They lie to you and about you. I do not consider this co a Pharmacy!!!

Pica says: (8 years ago)
ajdoherty I can see you have had similiar results from Caremark. Unfortunely, I have no choice but to use them since they are AT&T's hired them to adminster the employees prescription plan. Ugh, before long I will have no hair left from pulling it out when dealing with Caremark

jimmydahl says: (9 years ago)
CVS Caremark consistenly loses prescriptions and incorrectly charges its customers. My wife and I have used the service and have had nothing but problems. Please file a complaint with the FDA and your insurance carrier if you have any issues with them.

wolfebrenda says: (9 years ago)
It took Caremark over a year to bill us for medicine we had received. If we had know our funding had ran out we would have stopped taking the expensive medicine we were taking. Their customer service reps. were the rudest people I have ever talked to when we were able to get an actual voice on the line. Then they demanded we pay everything immediately or they would send up to creditor. I refuse to ever get medicine from them ever again and I will have to take injections for the rest of my life.

immadderthanhelll says: (9 years ago)
My wife has been waiting for her anticancerdrug for 29 days First ordersent parcel post(PARCEL POST ?)and was lost . 2nd order sent overnight 8 days ago.repeat that was overnight. Pony express is faster.8 phone calls 5 customer service reps and 3 supervisors later still no anticancer drug.that is cvs caremark "service"

annie21 says: (9 years ago)
The same thing happened to me. In addition Carmarks website is awful.

jen1959 says: (10 years ago)
how come someone hasn't initiated a class action lawsuit agaist them? jen jlmaffett50@yahoo.com

jen1959 says: (10 years ago)
here is my experience

Dear Sirs

I have been going to Eckerd drugs, now CVS pharmacy for 30 years. I am 49 years old and normally deal with Paul Ruffner who I have known at least 30 years. I am on medicaid and in a major lawsuit with my health. I have never had a problem with Paul Ruffner. This Nancy lady I have had a problem with.

She got in an argument with a Walgreens pharmacist over me when I wanted one of my prescriptions transferred because it was easier for me to get at the time and closer to home. the Walgreens pharmacist told me she was unprofessional and didn't do her job right. Since that time Nancy has made life miserable for me. She put in the computer that no one but Paul could fill my prescriptions.

Most recently when I went to fill a prescription at the Cleveland pharmacy, Jeff said that the Prozac for august couldn't be filled because it was already run. Not true. Byron had loaned me 9 and I had the prescription which called for 90. I called Conroe and Chris (the pharmacist on duty) denied anything had been run for August saying the last Prozac was filled in June. Sorry CVS is lying as I had just got my August prescription and was told by Jeff the pharmacist in Cleveland Texas that it had been run in Conroe which Chris denies.

Nancy told my Dr I doctor shopped and sent them a printout of my med's without my permission. They (my doctors) know it is a lie that I am a silicon breast implant patient and also broke my arm and tore my shoulder, not to mention having a torn meniscus in my left knee as well as having a neurosurgeon which I need surgery on. In the course of my illness I have had various illnesses including pleurisy among other things this Nancy knows nothing about, but Paul Ruffner does. I trust him but was told he was on vacation.

I was going to a pain clinic on 1960 but this Nancy told a girl to tell me my doctor at the time was under investigation when he was not and would not fill my medication because it came from Houston, so I just found a doctor who not only is local and can handle my pain but will be doing 3 of my surgeries. I was told that CVS pharmacy will no longer fill my prescriptions, this per Nancy and apparently Jeff.

Don't worry I will be contacting the FDA as well as the Attorney General. I will no longer use your pharmacy, but I am suing you for ignoring the Hippocratic oath among other things as well as some of your staff talking to family members I did not give permission for, and for flat out fraud as Jeff in CVS in Cleveland said the Conroe store ran my august Prozac and Chris says the last Prozac run for me was in June. My sister picked up 9 loaners from Byron and I have the bottle, so not only are you people unprofessional and you ignore the Hippocratic oath, but you lie as well.

Walgreens will be testifying to Nancy's unprofessional behavior which has ended in a nightmare for me when I go to pick up medication and she puts in computer only Paul can fill. and to add insult to injury, without my permission she talks to my sister Lisa about me and says I am a liar. I believe this is taped. so much for the Hippocratic oath huh? I can assure you as I am in a lawsuit with my health, this will be brought to the attention of my Attorneys, and already has been. Also how many other people have been done this way throughout the United States in various CVS stores? I will be looking on the Internet to see if there are similar stories to mine, and I bet there are, You have not heard the last of this.

Regarding my pain medication, this will be addressed as well. Also in the past when this Nancy has filled some Xanax for me, quantity 60, 10 were missing. Paul Ruffner took care of that. He deserves a raise. I will see CVS in court over this and her antics not to mention violating my Hippocratic Oath. I will also be searching online for others who have had this same experience as I have had with your company.

Jennifer Bryant

samiam60007 says: (10 years ago)
How in the world do these people stay in business? I have had so many problems with my prescriptions since I've had to use them - it's sick. They don't stock my medication - they fax the wrong doctor for permission to change medications - they never contact me to tell me anything and when I don't have my medication on time tell me I can't get any at another pharmacy even if I pay for it because there is a presription out there already. It makes me shudder to think of what the sanitary and quality conditions are if customer service is this awful. Why doesn't someone do something?

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