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CVS Caremark Complaint - Unfulfilled Order - Cialis 2.5MG
CVS Caremark Complaint

CVS Caremark Complaint


Unfulfilled Order - Cialis 2.5MG

To say the least, I am livid about the shoddy treatment that Caremark has afforded to me on this matter. I have disputed a charge of $50.00 that was made for an order that was incorrectly filled. Apparently, upon notification by the credit card company of the dispute, Caremark decided not to justify their position and decided to accept the issuance of a credit only to bill it in another manner. This situation has made it very difficult to either order new prescriptions or refill others. Whether a refill is ordered on-line or by phone, my acceptance to pay the disputed amount is required. This is totally unacceptable.

To recap this situation, the following events took place:
1. October 18, 2008) I emailed Caremark to furnish a price for 2.5MG Cialis at 1 tablet per for a 90 day supply.
2. October 20, 2008) Received reply that the cost is $50.00. Upon receiving this reply, I contact my doctor who provided a prescription for 2.5MG Cialis, 1 table a day for 90 days and send my order to Caremark along with the prescription.
3. After an unusually long delay, a quantity of 15 tablets was sent with instruction to “take 1 tablet daily” and the receipt noted “90 days supply”. A charge of $50.00 was made to my credit card. There was also a sheet accompanying the order stating “As we discussed, your prescription has been filled with a reduced quantity, etc.” In fact, I was never contacted regarding this. And, if I was, I would never have agreed for you to fill the prescription under these terms. The math I learned in school tells me that 1 table per day X 15 equals a 15 day supply and not 90.
4. On December 5, 2008, I contacted Caremark via the Contact Caremark selection on their website and mentioned that I had notified the credit card company of my dispute and requested that either the charge be removed or the remaining 75 tablets, as prescribed and ordered be shipped. I have never received the courtesy of a reply to this email.
5. On January 3, 2009, I sent a letter to Caremark. This letter again explained the problem and noted that I am not authorizing Caremark to place this charge to any credit card account that Caremark may have on file.
6. On January 5, 2009, I attempted to order a refill of a prescription for my wife on line. However, by completing the order, I would be forced to accept this disputed $50.00 charge on my credit card. Therefore, I did not complete the transaction. I then called Caremark to place the order. I explained the situation to Caremark’s representative and was told that this disputed charge would absolutely not be included on this new order. After explaining the reason for my dispute to Caremark’s representative, she asked if I had opened the package for the prescription in question and was willing to return it. I told her that the package was never opened and I would return if Caremark would issue the proper credit. She then transferred me to another representative. Everything went downhill from there. To say the least, she was anything but helpful or pleasant. She told me, under no uncertain terms that I could not return the 15 tablets in an unopened package and no credit would be issued. I told her that her word is not the end of this battle and I will vigorously pursue a satisfactory resolution.
7. January 10, 2009. If I was livid before, this was the final blow. I received the prescription that was ordered by phone on January 5, 2009 only to find that my credit card has been charged not only the $50.00 for this order which is acceptable, but also the disputed previous charge. Therefore, Caremark has fraudulently, without my authorization, and since I have not yet received a credit, they have double charged by account.

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NO2Caremark says: (7 years ago)
I agree completely with Caremarks total disregard for ethical business practice and professionalism. I've filed two grievances with no acton to resolve the problem. They actually charged an amount in excess of the order to my credit card. When the credit card compnay heard the details, they reversed the credit to Caremark for over $300. Now, Caremark is billing me for two drugs that were only supposed to cost $79 each. Any changes to cost were supposed to be authorized to me, but they chose to ship the drugs through the U.S. Mails and then try to collect even more money.

I worry so about seniors who have their PDP and are not able to defend themselves against these practices.

The first grievance was just for sending me the wrong strength of the drug. Their CS Rep said if the doctor admits THEIR error, Caremark will send a mail tag for me to return the drug and can re-issue correct one. Well, I pursuaded my doc to do this even though it was Caremark's pharmacist's error. Then, no mail tag for pick up. Called caremark, and was told do not let return if Doctor error!

We should all lwrite our legislators. PDPs are authorized by the feds/medicare. All oiur grievances do is reduce their star rating on medicare.gov. We need them NOT to be a pdp.

They also quote one price for the full price of a drug on medicare.gov then make a much larger one on their monthly reports so that the patient is prematurely thrown into the gap when Caremark has to pay nothing and we have to pay the bulk of an inflated price.

Supertired says: (9 years ago)
At least you got 15...my husband only got 4, same price, same instructions...one per day for 90 days....

JeepGal says: (9 years ago)
PLEASE ~ be glad that you have your recreational drug covered at all for ANY amount. Don't whine about a non life-saving medication!

fantfootbll2003 says: (9 years ago)

I have additional information regarding CVS Caremark's policy regarding Cialis.

4 months ago I received a prescription for 20mg Cialis at 8 tabs per month. My activity with my wife is 2 times per week - I work all nights except Wednesday and Friday so this was perfect for our activity and matched the recommended dosage on the Cialis site.

CVS Caremark, however, only covered 6 tabs per month so I had to pay full prescription price every other month to fulfill the prescription from my doctor.

In consultation with my physician, we agreed to switch to the 5mg prescription at 30 tabs per month. CVS would not fill it. Their limit is 6 tabs per month - NO MATTER THE PRESCRIPTION, NOR THE PURPOSE OF THE PRESCRIPTION.

Sorry for the caps, was just trying to make a point.

From the Cialis website:

CIALIS for daily use is a low dose ED (erectile dysfunction) treatment that is taken every day that can improve erectile function. It can be a very effective option for men with a range of ED severity and other health problems.
Why choose CIALIS for daily use?
CIALIS for daily use:
When taken every day, it can help you be ready anytime between doses. You no longer have to plan sex around taking a pill
It is a clinically proven low-dose ED treatment option.

Back to my comments... I have a hard time understanding how four different prescriptions strengths have the same limitation in the number of tabs. let do a table.

2.5mg at 6 tabs/mo. = 15mg/month
5mg at 6 tabs/mo. = 30month
10mg at 6 tabs/mo. = 60mg/month
20mg at 6 tabs/mo. = 120mg/month

How does this make sense and why is this happening?

I can, unfortunately, tell you why.

I worked for many year protecting corporations and companies from the liabilities of their policies. What happened was: At some point a decision was made that CVS would cover 75% of the Cialis 20mg or 10 mg prescription. This would limit costs. Since, for each prescription, 8 tabs was the recommended dosage, 6 tabs was set as the limit per month that would be covered.

Then Cialis came out with a new product - daily use. A lower milligram dosage that stayed in the bloodstream and could be taken on a daily basis.

The new dosage was not reviewed. The old limit of 6 tabs was applied without considering the reduced dosage. It was an accident.

Why then has CVS not made a change in policy? LIABILITY is the answer.

You see, everyone who has been harmed monetarily by this unreasonable policy has a cause of action. If CVS admits that the original policy was wrong then they will be liable for the costs that their customers have incurred as a result of the policy as well as, possibly, the pain and suffering incurred - and who would measure the pain and suffering of a couple who could not make love?, the court, of course.

There is actually only one way at this point to force a change in this policy and that is through a tort suit. A suit where all of us unfairly affected may voice our grievances.

Many may think that I am a lawyer trying to pull together a claim - I am not. I would love to hear from one who could help us, or from any of you who has encountered this problem. To prove my fidelity, I am going to include my personal information: My name is Kean Rossiter. My email is fantfootbll2003@yahoo.com. My home phone number is (818) 865-1754 - I live in California so am on Pacific time and am only home Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Thank you, Kean.

Pharm says: (10 years ago)
Please, you are taking Cialis and you want EVERYBODY to know about it? Why don't you put your Energy into you know what, and you might NOT need Cialis!!!!

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